Smashin’! – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 41

This is the officially designated beach episode, after all, so I have to make at least a nod to the associated traditions.

Which are many and varied, but I stuck with a basic one: the melon-smashing game. A staple of beach activities, at least in anime…I’m not entirely sure it’s still as prevalent in reality, but who cares for reality? Nobody in Japanada, for starters. >_> So our team gets to enjoy this fun game and its simple charms!

Well, with a few exceptions, that is. Mopey and Gregory aren’t enjoying it, at least at the moment, because they’re not taking part. And Snuka isn’t enjoying it, either… because Biff hit him on the head with a stick. And even Biff isn’t really enjoying it… because the game’s charms are simple, as I said, and Biff is no longer simple enough himself. With all of his new-found sophistication, he can’t help overthinking – and the result suffers accordingly. Well, Snuka suffers accordingly as a result, to be more precise.

Although his reasoning might not be as far-fetched as it appears at first. You might think that a system consisting of one person, one stick and one melon is far below the threshold of complexity…but don’t forget Snuka’s presence! As a former street urchin, he qualifies as a minor chthonic deity in fiction, and that might be enough to push the whole system into a chaos state…as he’s proven many times before.

And, yeah, the “melon” is actually just an apple with some stripes added, placed close to the camera to make it appear larger. The funds George got from Nolan were sufficient for only one melon…and it somehow got eaten before it ever made it to the shooting location. Very mysterious. But it was a hot day. >_>

More on Monday.

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