Compromise(ing) Solution – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 40

As you can see, the negotiations resulted in a compromise both sides could live well with. Supplying more proof that you can always find an amicable solution when both sides enter the process with an open mind and the authentic wish to reach a result!

Also supplying proof that finding a compromise acceptable to both sides is easier if it happens at the cost of a third party not involved in the negotiations. And creating problems for Snuka is an issue that an amazingly broad range of people can agree and bond over, so when he’s the third party in question, everything gets even easier! So all it really took was some creative thinking on how to solve this problem in some way that was detrimental to Snuka…and such a way can practically always found, because the amazingly broad range of people I mentioned seems to include the universe itself. ._.

The original aspect of the solution involved making use of the limitations of the medium: since comic characters only exists as depictions of characters, there’s no way to tell that depiction of a character from a depiction of that depiction of a character. That created an opening for using an erotic hug pillow to solve the issue – a few close-ups of that would create the illusion of Mopey supplying the desired level of fanservice, before the pull-out-and-reveal dispels that illusion. So it’s kind of Heisenberg’s fanservice: it exists as fanservice and as non-fanservice at the same time. You could hardly find a better basis for a compromise, obviously.*

More on Thursday.

* Few people know this, but Heisenberg came up with that whole thing with the cat when he was trying to find a compromise with his wife over getting or not getting a pet. Ultimately they reached that compromise: They got a cat, but it had to stay in the box. XD

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  1. So, Mopey is ok with her naked image on a pillow? Very bold, she can’t know where this pillow would end up at the end of the movie.

    1. She’s probably counting on Snuka hanging on to it, in some form or other, for as long as he possible can. He might be embarrassed to be seen with it in public, but that doesn’t mean he’s unappreciative of the pillow per se. XD

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