The Not-Gratuitous Side Of Fanservice – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 39

Well, this is an issue which can have a sizable impact on the popularity and career of a female comic or cartoon character, so if you’re planning and managing your career proactively, the surrounding negotiations can be decisive – and quite tense.

The character will be conscious about the danger of overexposure and the inflationary tendencies inherent in that, and the need to keep some powder dry for use at a later, perhaps more crucial moment. While the creator will be keen on maximizing exposure over all channels to boost the popularity of the franchise as a while – if need be at the expense of the individual character’s interests.

This fundamental discrepancy is one of the main reasons why these negotiations tend to be so very difficult and time-consuming.

The other main reason, of course, is the difficulty inherent in having to clearly define a very specific level of exposure in writing on a little scrap of paper you can slide back-and-forth on a table. Sometimes I’d really wish there’d be a simpler and less convoluted way of conducting these negotiations, but the traditions have to be maintained, I guess…

More (and the outcome of the negotiations) on Monday.

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  1. This is why you finish contract negotiations BEFORE shooting instead of during. I guess Mopey got cold feet after that extended nude scene at the bathhouse/sloth battle.

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