Fan, Less Gratuitous Servicepoint – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 38

See? That’s what Snuka gets for complaining. He was complaining that he doesn’t get the appropriate amount of fan attention, so today he gets all of the available fan attention to himself – up close and personal. You can make up your own mind on whether that’s positive or negative, and he’ll try to do the same, as soon as his mental faculties have recovered a little bit from the shock. ._.

And, yeah, – it’s the girl that Snuka has bumped into (quite literally) before, this time acting as his personal paparazza. At first I thought the female version of that Italian noun would be paparazzia, which would have been funnier. Alas, it isn’t. ._.

Please take a note that I made her take her pictures with her phone, rather than a camera! I’m slowly growing accustomed to the existence of that new technology, only decades after its introduction, so who’s saying I’m a hopeless dinosaur?

There is somewhere I’m going with having that girl show up again, by the way…at the time I did this strip, I had forgotten where, but I hope I’ll remember in time, or be able to make any sort of sense of my notes. No guarantees, though.

More on Thursday.

6 Replies to “Fan, Less Gratuitous Servicepoint – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 38”

  1. I think Snuka got a stalker. Or possibly a crush, She crushed his self-esteizm very hard.

    1. Yeah, Snuka has always attracted the physical kind of crushing, so it was only to be expected that any kind of romantic crushing directed into his direction might end up going into that same direction. XD

  2. In fairness, it would have been funny if it turned out she had taken all those quick pictures with a plate camera complete with flash powder lamp instead of the phone.

  3. Reverse the sexes and it’s a crime in most western countries.
    In other news: IT’S SO PIIIIIINK!

    1. Yeah, I’ve really messed up in not instituting a consistent color scheme/theme for the characters in this chapter – that’s normally scrupulously done in magical-girl-anime. And then Snuka couldn’t have worn pink here, since that’s been established as Gregory’s color already. Oh, well… ^_^;

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