Denied Agency – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 32

And with this, I guess we can rate the re-integration of the two separate halves of Mopey’s personality a complete success. She clearly is back to her old, established personality, and everyone of the team will be kinda happy about that – even Snuka, as soon as he gets over the most acute feelings of embarrassment.

Even Mopey’s clothing has been re-integrated, despite being about to completely disintegrate just mere seconds before. A clear proof for the power of agency.

To be fair, it’s not all due to the superior capabilities of Theda Barer’s agents – they are better than Lee’s, of course, but in this case they were significantly aided by the fact that humiliation has a fundamental attraction toward Snuka, resp. Lee. He’s the ultimate decoy in that class – if you’re standing next to him, you’re perfectly safe from any sort of humiliation, since the humiliation will always prefer to strike him.

Which is not to say that Snuka is never getting a lucky break. In this case, for example, his modesty was perfectly preserved because his hands were so conveniently placed already before his clothes disappeared. And he has Mopey to thank for that. But he won’t …because thanking her for kicking him in the balls could be easily misinterpreted. And it’s not like she’d need the encouragement, anyway. And, yeah, the censorship bar wasn’t really necessary here, but I’ve grown so fond of it…

As for panel three, I’m not sure why Snuka’s so tense, and starring so intensely. There’s really no reason to expect Portugal or a cat with an X-shaped black spot on its back to be suddenly appearing there…

More on Monday.

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