Accustomed Accuracy – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 31

Biff’s analysis is spot on, as usual. Well, as has been usual since the beginning of this chapter, not so much before that point in time. But he draws exactly the correct conclusion from the very limited evidence at hand – proof positive of his tremendous power of reasoning and the fact that somebody simply had to deliver that little bit of exposition, justifiably so or not.

I do notice that he proposes alternative descriptors for the two different aspects of Mopey’s personality than I have been using up to now. Which is odd, given that I made him say it. I blame the amount of time that has passed since I originally created this strip…and my advancing age. >_>

The second half of Biff’s analysis holds true as much as the first: The accuracy and devastating force with which Mopey delivers that kick to (presumably) Snuka’s crotch seem to reach a level similar to when she was in her prime, proving that she’s no longer (just?) a lovey-dovey princess, but similar to whatever it was that she was before that.

Unfortunately, her action renders Snuka speechless, or close to it – so we will likely never know what precisely it is that Snuka has never seen. For how young he is, he’s already seen quite a lot of things, actually, so the answer isn’t that easy. My working theory is that he’s either referring to Portugal or to a cat with an X-shaped black spot on its back. >_>

More on Thursday.

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