Joint Task Force – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 30

And thus, what was broken is made whole again. The prodigious prodigal daughter has returned home. Things have come full circle. etc. etc. There’s really an incredible amount of vague phrases that could be used to describe what just happened here.

But, ultimately: Mopey is no longer schizophrenic. Instead she’s semi-demonic now…but that’s just a return to normal for her, she’s been that since her early puberty. At least since then, that is…there actually were some earlier incidents that already pointed into that direction…

As far as the specific form of the mutual reintegration of the two disparate aspects of Mopey’s personality is concerned, there actually were quite a few different established patterns from popular fiction to chose from. Which is noteworthy in itself, given how extremely rarely such things happen in real life – there are only a very few such incidents on record. And none of them are anywhere near the believable area of the record, let alone the reliable area…

Ultimately, I decided to rip off Dragonball Z for the bigger part of the effect, since I think it’s the most inherently comedic version of this theme. To make the rip-off less blatant, I varied the ending with some ripped-off material from Osomatsu-kun/-san. Which has the added advantage of being an entirely appropriate reaction to an experience that is extremely bizarre even from an outside perspective…and thus segues smoothly into Mopey’s exterior-world collapse, which is similarly appropriate.

More on Monday.

2 Replies to “Joint Task Force – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 30”

  1. I hope someone more active caught this, but hey. Prodigous and Prodigal are not the same word.
    If it helps, (i luv u man!) this is meant to prevent future embarassment. Copy editors cost real money!

    1. Thanks a lot for catching that, I’ve corrected it. I always confuse those two words – for which I’m blaming Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi of Digimon. His overuse of the word ‘prodigious’ likely irredeemably scrambled my youthful brain.

      Don’t worry, though – I’m not terribly troubled by embarrassment. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t even publish this webcomic. XD

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