Don’t walk towards the light! – Another short intermission, strip 1

Alright, this is the first of two “intermissionary” strips, just to leave a little space between chapters. Another intermission on Thursday, and then a new chapter beginning next Monday.

So, this one is either a bit of an incident happening to our dear Snuka between the event of chapters IV and V…or a trailer for the new movie, created by shamelessly recycling some footage showing Lee Douglas being (barely) revived after one of the countless, unmentioned mishaps that befell him (and only ever him) during the making of the last movie. Your choice. Normally, I’d say the completely amateurish and uncalled-for application of a defibrillator would indicate that this is part of a movie…but then, emergency services on these shoots are provided by George Geekish, who probably wouldn’t know any better, anyhow…

Well, more on Thursday.

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