Egg and (some very large) Ham(s) – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 22

After the annual interruption by Biff’s New Year’s Eve antics, we return to the experiment in progress…and just in the nick of time (what coincidence), for this very moment, the egg finally bursts open, and we get a first glimpse of its contents!

And, yeah, I’m sorry, but the traditional dramaturgy of this sort of moment in a B-movie restricts it to really nothing more than a glimpse. A small detail shot, alternatively a shot of a menacing shadow, followed by one or several reaction shots is the classic formula. Here we get the detail shot and a single reaction shot – but what a reaction shot it is! Everyone makes their utmost effort at overacting as much as is humanly possible, and with such a set of hammy actors, the results are naturally…uh…very much overacted, indeed. Fortunately, comics as a medium lends itself quite readily to an adequate representation of this sort of thing, since it allows the limits of physics and physiques to be disregarded (if the artist is even aware of them).

That’s really all I can do for today. ._. The laws of B-movies require that any more complete look at whatever emerged from that egg has to wait until Thursday. After all, this is likely the very It that came from beyond Imagination. It deserves a proper set-up.

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