There You Have It! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 23

Well, I promised you a good look at the contents of that mysterious egg, and I dare say that I have made good on that promise!

Although good might not be the most appropriate word, since it might not apply on all of the different levels it could apply to here. So, perhaps, let’s say a clear and exhaustive look. As in, leaving no more questions.

Well, of course that applies only to questions that can be answered by looking. It might actually raise more questions than it answers, but it answers the strictly visual ones, which is really all that can be reasonably asked of a look. For all of the other…
numerous and deep
…questions raised by this reveal, we must look to oth…sorry, I meant to say we must refer to other channels of information.

But that’ll come a bit later, I guess, since the team is still engaged in getting a mental grip on that visual thing. We’ll have to give them another moment or two, there.

More on that on Monday.

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    1. I like your suggestion, but as far as I recall, in order to get the right to name a new species, you have to document the holotype and publish it in a peer-reviewed journal. XD

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