Sugary Roots – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 24

Yeah, the team isn’t yet fully over it. But they’re working on it! I’m sure it can’t be too long now.

And, anyway, the strip is far from wasted – while the team is still out of commission, our new character manages to get quite an amount of exposition done! In fact, it might have not gotten that much done if the team had been (mentally) present to interrupt it. On the other hand, had the team been able to snap out of their collective stupor in time for our guest’s explanations, they might have been knocked right back into it by the realization that their new friends hails from a Chupa Chup orbiting a Milky Way bar. And it’s a happy galaxy, apparently! Who could be happy about something like that? Well, apparently beings like this one. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

The next shock is the fact that the egg, which was an egg, after all, and not a meteorite, as suspected at first, wasn’t an egg, after all after all, and was a space ship instead! A non-reusable model, apparently, since there seems no non-destructive way of getting out of it. Seems an unusual approach to designing a ship capable of interstellar travel at ludicrous speed…but, well, it was designed by engineers living on a Chupa Chup orbiting a Milky Way bar. It’s kinda inevitable that they’d be disturbed in some form, if you ask me. >_>

And another shock right after that one: Earth is facing it’s greatest threat ever! Although that might not have shocked the team unduly, hadn’t they already been shocked out of their minds. I mean, it’s pretty much been there, done that for them. Still, I wonder what that threat is. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the point where the alien notices that his audience is preoccupied with other things, and doesn’t proceed with exposition…so the specifics will have to wait.

On a complete tangent, making this strip inspired me to pick up a Milky Way bar the next time I was at the mart. I was quite disappointed, it tasted completely different than I remembered it from my childhood. Apparently, they changed the filling….back in 1993. ._. Seems I haven’t had one in more than 27 years. I guess I’ll give it another shot in another quarter of a century, or so…

More on Thursday.

6 Replies to “Sugary Roots – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 24”

    1. Yeah, George Geekish was in kind of a hurry, so he didn’t remove it. Normally, of course, he’d have done that, and suspended the ‘planet’ from an even more visible an conspicuous wire. XD

  1. I have a candy dish at work, and the Milky Way bars are usually left behind except for one English gal at the next office. Kit Kat, Butterfinger and Almond Joy all go quickly–part of my nefarious scheme to get all my co-workers fat so I look better, nyah-hah-haaaa!

    1. Yeah, but that kind Milky Way bar wouldn’t be the one I referred to – because the bar that’s sold as “Milky Way” in the US is sold as “Mars” in the rest of the world, whereas the bar that’s sold as “Milky Way” in the rest of the world is sold as “3 Musketeers” in the US. o_O; Don’t ask me why that’s the case…
      So, my remarks regarding the disappointing Milky Way bar would be referring to the International Milky Way, or a 3 Musketeers for the purposes of your candy dish…the International Mars bar, which would be the US Milky Way, seems unchanged from the way I remember it from my childhood. Never been a particular favorite of mine, though.

    1. You seem to assume that it’s it – it isn’t it, though. At least, not in that regard. XD

      Which is not to say that there’s anything wrong with feeling ripped off – for one thing, that’s a normal reaction to having paid any kind of money for admission to a Nolan Nobucks movie, and for the other thing, it’s true, and was kinda inevitable, that I haven’t been able to come up with something beyond human imagination. Part of the problem being that I had to rely on human imagination as a tool in the process. XD

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