The Road to Schicken? – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 25

Oops! What’s this doing here? That belongs to a completely unrelated (and untold) story! No idea how that slipped in here. Unless…

Anyway, I guess it’s still worthwhile in terms of checking up on how the Professorian has been doing, questing around with his new friends. From what’s visually apparent, he’s been doing fine. His outfit, at least, looks a lot more practical now, and more stylish. And his helmet is a lot more authentically Viking! That was something that always bothered him before, on a subconscious level – as a Barbarian he was not able to reliably access his past, vast knowledge of Earth history, but the fact that Vikings did not wear horned helmets outside of ceremonial occasions lingered at the edge of his consciousness, never quite in reach, but always present.

Aside from removing that lingering irritation, his new helmet also has the advantage that it’s wider and more comfortable to wear. That had no effect on his intellectual abilities, however, which remain limited in comparison to what went before – which disproves his theory that the debilitating effect might simply stem from his helmet sitting too tight. That he came up with that sort of theory of course being, in itself, a symptom of that very effect… >_>

But back to our own world on Monday.

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