End of the road – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 33

Game over, man, game over! Our heroes have failed! They did not manage to get to Dr. Dutchman Fu in time, and now he’s about to complete his as of yet unrevealed, but likely highly complex and elementarily evil plan! Nothing and nobody can stop him now! Woe!

…well, nobody save himself, that is. Seems he isn’t in that much of a hurry. Or perhaps waiting for something, even? Curious and curiouser. A villain doesn’t often get a chance to complete on of their plans without interference from pesky heroes, so why does Dr. Fu not jump at the opportunity? Only time will tell, to use the standard phrase.

As a side note, Dr. Dutchman Fu is clad in purple today, in honor of Spirit Day. I thought I should point that out, since it isn’t actually too far out of the range of his ‘normal’ color choices – in fact, when I ‘adapted’ this strip to the date on which it would run, it turned out I hadn’t even had to change his outfit all that much, it was already close to purple to begin with.

More on Monday.

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