Meanwhere, elsewhile. – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 34

Ta-da! Big reveal! (of sorts.) This is basically just to inform the esteemed reader that the couple from this strip are in fact the villains from this strip, and are in even more fact no one less than Prince Shingen Takeda and Kousaka Masanobu (one of his generals and his sworn lover) in person. Still alive, despite of all of Snuka’s evasive assurances to the opposite, but I guess that doesn’t really surprise anybody.

Historically, Shingen and Masnobu didn’t really look like Sephiroth and Cloud, and did in fact look nothing like bishounen at all. But, hey, if Japanese artists can take their liberties there, why can’t I? XD

And while that does answer some questions that likely hadn’t bothered anybody anyhow, it raises a few new ones. Like what, precisely, they’re doing there at the blacksmith’s shop.

Or what it is that Private 7th Class Grooman of the King’s Own Natal Rifles does best.

Or who goes.

Or what the medieval Japanese equivalent to a second was, I really couldn’t find out. (I also couldn’t find out what a blacksmith’s shop sign would have looked like in medieval Japan, but…uh…Thorpe…I guess it could sound kinda Japanese if you squint and hold your head like this.)

There will be answers!

Just not right now.

On a side note, “King’s Own Natal Rifles” isn’t the name of a real regiment, but there were a few that were “King’s (or Queen’s) Own xx Rifles”. I guess that means that the rifles used to equip the other regiments were only borrowed, or something. There was also a “King’s Royal Rifles Corps”, although I don’t really know how a rifle qualified as royal – they probably had some parts gilded or something like that. ._.

More on Thursday.

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