Xpsitie – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 35

Yo dawg, I’ve heard you like stalling when you’re in the stall. So we put a book about stalling in your stall, so you can read about stalling while you’re stalling.

Hard to blame the good doctor for taking along the wrong book, though. In Dutch they probably have quite different words for the different meanings of “stalling”, and he more or less had to conclude that a field called “fluid dynamics” would be the place to look for the kind of stalling he had in mind – after all, his fluids are usually overly dynamic when he’s stalling in the stall. He’s probably just kinda tapped out right now.

And, yeah, he’s really only stalling right now – the last time there was an in-story reason for his stalling (to be revealed later) but this one, additional strip really only exists so the Halloween strip ends up running on the right date. I messed up the schedule a tiny little bit. ^_^;

Oh, and by the way:

engels taal = English language

More on Monday.

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