Repeat performance – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 36

Game’s on again, man, game’s on! Our hero has succeeded! They did manage to get to Dr. Dutchman Fu in time, and now he’s not about to complete his as of yet unrevealed, but likely highly complex and elementarily evil plan! That fact and that guy can stop him now! Yay!

Plus, now we know why the dread, Dutch Dr. was stalling to allow our hero to catch up with him – the speech! The big, villainous speech he’s entitled to give in a situation like that, revealing in detail not only his plan, but also the long list of petty grievances or even pettier claims of superiority that have set him on his path to mayhem and destruction. Winning is great, especially for a villain (who rarely do), but winning without giving the speech? Half as much fun, if any at all. And giving the speech with the hero not being present? Classless, that’s what that would be. A third-rate egg thief might do something like that, but not somebody who prides himself being a serious threat to humanity as a whole.

But now the hero’s here, and everything is good.

…wait a moment…didn’t we have a whole group of heroes? None of which was wearing a hat? None of which was carrying a whip (aside from Mopey, who still didn’t carry the whip openly like that)? Who are you, mysterious stranger, and what have you done with the real main cast?

More on Thursday.

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