Lightshow – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 32

Goddammit, Dr. Fu, leave that switch alone. It’s only on/off for you, the other settings aren’t there to be activated by users, they’re for admins only! You’re giving away the secret of B-movie time traveling/loaction recylcing: carefully selected filters.

Oh, well, since it’s already out…here’s a list of the various modes:

panel 9/10: sepia/Old West setting

panel 11: filter off/present

panel 12: jungle setting

panel 13: underground lava flow/hell

panel 14: underwater setting

panel 15: gay pride mode

panel 16: far out/sixties mode

And since I’m in already doing lists, here are the random bits of Dutch from the Dr.’s dialogue today:

eigenlijk = actually

godverdomme : goddammit

moderniteit -> modernity

muur = (brick)wall

More on Thursday.

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