Laughing sick – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 31

Well, Professor Dr. tried his best to black out all the bits of that recording which he didn’t want Mopey to see or analyze, but there were so many, and his marker ran out. And he was pretty hopeful that Mopey might possibly just overlook those little snippets of his dream persona that were still visible, it being a long tape, and all…alas, he was wrong.

Unfortunately wrong, I might add, because now Mopey is suffering from a problematic condition known as mirth. In humans mirth is not dangerous, and usually clears up quickly without treatment. And if immediate relief is desired, treatment is easy, if painful, with a double dose of TV news.

But it’s different in goths. In goths, even a small bout of mirth can have serious consequences, since it can cause several decades worth of surpressed laughter to explode out at once. Not a pretty sight. Fortunately, it’s not quite that bad in Mopey’s case, since she’s never completely surpressed her laughter – she’s always sneakily added a modest amount of mirthfulness to her malicious guffawing, that way the pressure didn’t build up that much. She should be okay in a week or ten.

Another question raised, though, is this: If an armoured car is standing on the tracks, the engine off, doesn’t it make no sound, if nobody isn’t around to not listen? The answer, though, is yes, and the sound is “no-vroom”. Obviously.

More on Monday.

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