Enlightened reasoning – Chapter 2, Strip 345

It’s strange – ever since I drew this strip, I’ve had that nagging feeling as if something was wrong with it…like if the Professor was, somehow, overlooking something quite crucial. But I just can’t put my finger on it, for his behaviour seems absolutely methodical and rational. Brilliant, even – his idea to harness evolution to create bioluminescence is something few people could have pulled out of the hat that readily.

If there’s any potential problem with his plan, it could be the time factor…for time is of the essence, but if he disassembles his wristwatch he will no longer be able to tell it precisely…

Or perhaps it’s the flashlight! Yeah, if he scavenges the batteries from it, he won’t be able to use it if he happens to need it at some later date – and there’s no telling when such a need might arise.

And there’s another thing he might be overlooking – now that he’s started smoking again, there’s a heightened chance he might feel strongly compelled to take another cigarette break soon. But whenever he opens the door to the balcony, all that sunlight streams in, and that might negatively impact the likelihood of his bacterial cultures evolving bioluminescence…

Plus, a final drawback – he’s in a B-movie, so if he manages to get his e. coli to mutate there’s a certain danger they might skip a few evolutionary steps and immediately turn into Godzilla. (In B-movie land all of the branches on the evolutionary tree lead up to some kaiju.)

And yet I just can’t shake the feeling there’s something else…Oh well, more on Thursday.

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