Family Planning – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 20

By today’s strip, our friends are close enough to the fortress to confirm, without requiring special eyesight, that it is indeed under siege. Naturally, a siege involving such a massive fortress is a grand spectacle…thousands of troops milling about, their vast camps, siege engines, counter fortifications and much more stuff of that sort. Unfortunately, the camera happens to be positioned in such a way that all of that is hidden behind the ledge, robbing Nolan Nobucks of the opportunity to splash 10s of thousands of dollars on models and extras, and me of the opportunity to spend hours drawing all of that. Dang. >_>

The besiegers turn out to be more cat-people, of yet a different breed. This fantasy world really seems to be run over with cat-men of various kinds. Which does get Si’ri pondering the whys and hows…and the potential how-nots…I mean, if one concludes that there’s a should-not, you know. It’s not like she’s trying to pressure K’ip, or anything…but, you see, many local princes and mayors also feel that the procreation of cats and the like…I mean, only the unchecked procreation, of course, leads to certain issues which are…uh…not to say it’s a problem, as such, but…if you can, theoretically, perhaps, you know…it’s not like it’s major surgery, you see, and…

No dice. No matter how diplomatically Si’ri attempts to broach the subject, K’ip is steadfastly opposed to the idea. He has grown to be quite open to Si’ri’s advice in general, but he’s still got his red lines. Which, in a way, explains why fantasy worlds tend to get run over with anthropomorphic felines. In the real world, those spay & neuter campaigns often are qualified successes, but only because the subjects aren’t involved in the decision making process. In a fantasy world where cats and dogs are people, it’s hard to sell them on the idea of individual sacrifices for the greater good.

But, anyway, K’ip still has got a lot of adventuring to do, so for the moment he hasn’t got the time to contribute much to the problem…so Si’ri still has some time to try and convince him.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to time this strip properly to fall into Spay & Neuter Month, which is February. Ah, well…

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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