Shady Plan – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 21

So, today K’ip finally gets to do what he’s felt like doing for so, so long: throw some shade on Si’ri. And he’s got a valid excuse for it, too! Great start to his week.

His valid reason is one of that annoying little practical issues with magical beings. In the bright light of day, Si’ri’s twin habits of glowing and sparkling don’t make her terribly conspicuous, but as soon as night falls, she naturally tends to stand out. And night falls quickly in fiction – in real life, “waiting for the night” might involve actual waiting, but both in movies as well as RPG sessions it’s usually enough to say it to make it happen immediately.

But K’ip has the solution ready: he simply lampshades Si’ri. I mean, in any other but a fantasy scenario, the existence of a tiny, glowing, floating fairy would have required some lampshading from the get-go, but at night, it’s appropriate even within a fantasy scenario. Disregarding the fact that inhabitants of a fantasy scenario would probably have less problems with the existence of a fairy than with the existence of a lampshade…I think I might have entered an unsolvable maze of metaphorical and literal meaning here… ._.

Aside from all that, K’ip’s and Si’ri’s plan seems sound and workable…it’s perhaps a bit surprising that this new breed of cat-people isn’t active at night, but in the service of avoiding excessive plot complications, I think I can let it slide.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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