Fed Up – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 95

You know the effect: you stumble across some new, cool song and it immediately becomes your new favorite. Therefore you play it over and over again, until the effect starts to wear off…and if you keep playing it, you’ll soon be indifferent towards it…and then, later, start hating it, and never want to hear it again. ._. This here’s basically the same, just laden with huge amounts of deeper philosophical meaning. >_>

So, yeah… the sheer level of violence that our planet is able to produce exceeds the capacity of even the crawling chaos himself. This ‘twist’ isn’t really original – in fact, it might be the default solution for this kind of plot – but I didn’t really see any way around it. A supernatural villain who fits into some sort of Manichean dualism can be easily susceptible to ‘vices’ like greed or hubris…but Nyarlathotep doesn’t fit that mold. As a creature of elemental chaos, he’s a foundational force of the universe, basically beyond good and evil. So his ‘flaw’ needs to lie somewhere in that fundamental nature….and, well…just putting a volume limit on that was, like, the cheapest and easiest way to play that angle…

Plus, it gave me a chance to diss my home planet, something I really, really felt like doing. >_>

More on Thursday.

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    1. Immodest orgasms are the best kind, anyway. I mean, who would like to hear something along the lines of “Well, yeah, that gave me a modest orgasm”? XD

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