Wellness Check – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 96

Since Latho was just about to crack the last time we saw him, it makes sense to check whether Mopey’s stockpiles of violence are still holding up. After all, that’s about the only obvious thing that could still save Latho…

No luck for him, though. Mopey goes on a little introspective journey to the middle of her being and checks her well of violence for a bottom. And it’s just as bottomless as ever.

And, yeah…the center of Mopey’s personality isn’t exactly a happy place. It’s kinda dreary, even. Dark, largely featureless, depressing. Even the spool of yarn doesn’t add a lot of levity, impressive as it might be in size. But…on the other hand… this is the place that harbors a weapon that’s capable of overcoming a force of elemental chaos that’s nearly as old as the universe. I don’t think that a lot of people with more agreeable personality cores could claim anything even remotely similar.

Greatness might come at a price, but it’s still greatness. =P

More on Monday.

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