From a Distance – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 97

It may be a platitude, but: When your problems are growing so large that they seem about to overwhelm you, try to take a few steps back to get a new (and perhaps more realistic) perspective on them.

Of course, if your problems reach planetary scale and still keep growing, you might have to take a couple of trillion steps back to gain a suitably diminishing perspective on them.

Which would take you quite a bit of time if you had to walk. But in this case, the magic of the movie camera conveniently obviates the need for actual physical movement. And it really helps! Viewed from a viewpoint just (or actually an extreme distance) outside of our galaxy, the explosion turns into a harmless little “pop”. Even if, taking scale into account, it looks like it engulfed…*squints* no idea, but several hundred solar systems at least. And most definitely our solar system, inevitably at the center.

So…yeah, I guess I’ll stay out here for a while longer, I don’t even want to know what the old place looks like right now. O_o;

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “From a Distance – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 97”

  1. I honestly thought your blurb was about to open with a Censor Bar promotion: “When your problems are growing so large that they seem about to overwhelm you, try a Censor Bar.”
    The joke then becomes, “What if your problem is too much Censor Bar?”, which in turn leads to today’s comic.

    1. Which is still better than Corporate America’s solution to the ‘too much censorhip bar’ problem, which would be “New Censorship Bar Light/Zero”. Still about half as effective as Censorship Bar classic, and while it’s even worse for your health, it’s bad in different ways than the classic one.

  2. And thus, all of reality became nothing but caramel.

    And nougat.

    And peanuts.

    And almost-chocolate.

    1. The peanuts would be the largest problem, in that regard, because so many people are allergic to it. Next would be the caramel, because it’s so sticky. The nougat and near-chocolate would somehow disappear, I’m quite sure… >_>

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