Too Sudden Freedom – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 98

And here we’re getting the perspective from a place that’s even further away from here than just a few trillion steps outside of the Milky Way: the perspective from a completely different dimension.

Even there, the explosion could be felt – not physically, of course, but as a distinct psychic shock. About 1.0 DOAU (Destruction of Alderaan Units) in strength. Which is the unit of measurement you use for this sort of event…and, actually, also the default strength which nearly all such events have. >_> The Professor has felt things like that before.

But the force of the explosion as such is obviously not it’s only consequence that can be felt even in this far-off dimension. It seems that the sudden reduction in the aggregate amount of censorship throughout all dimensions can trigger some sort of physical reaction in people who are…susceptible, or at an susceptible age. >_> But, while K’ip doesn’t make clear what kind of reaction that is, I think we can trust the Professor’s reassurances that it’s a normal and healthy reaction. He wouldn’t lie about something like that.

But one has to wonder – if that reaction is still that noticeable even in a different dimension, what must it look like anywhere near ground zero of the explosion? >_> Just one more reason why I don’t even want to know what’s going on in the old place right now…

More on Monday.

5 Replies to “Too Sudden Freedom – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 98”

  1. Given the twins are at ground zero and what they were doing as part of overloading the censorship bar, I fear only the worst outcome to be true.
    But maybe, just maybe, this effort exhausted even their reserve and we’ll be safe for a moment after this event.

  2. Completely normal reaction for a person of age 52!

    Or probably 64. Did we even get a canonical age for any of protagonists?

    1. If I recall correctly, I gave the Professor a canonical age of 113 years in the first chapter…but that was already an undefined amount of plot-time ago, so even in his case the current canonical age is only a vague “more than 113 years”. Plus, his chronological has become rather irrelevant now.

      None of the others, to the best of my knowledge have ever been given a definite age…Snuka is younger than the others, and might or might not be legally a minor in certain respects whenever the plot requires. XD

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