Figures – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 18

Well, everybody has made their contribution to the testing regime, so now the time has come to analyze the data and draw some conclusions. At least in terms of plot logic, if not in terms of proper scientific protocol. Proper science might consider the question whether the data acquired is yet sufficient for analysis, or not – but plot logic realizes that no more tests could be conducted in any case, since there are no more characters. Simples. >_>

That aside, in plot terms the analysis could not and was not supposed to lead to a result, anyway. It’s only there to confirm that the mysterious meteorite is, indeed, mysterious. That’s only been mentioned a hundred times, up to now, so it can’t hurt to provide proof positive. And what could be more explicit than a computer, and a clearly highly scientifically qualified one at that, doing his computer-thing and then stating its lack of result right there on the screen, for all the world to see? Especially since the utterances of B-movie scientists are so suspect, as we’ve already established.

Normally, the computer-thing should also have been illustrated in some way, but I didn’t feel really capable of even faking that – so I decided that nobody on the production team would have been able to do that, either (a likely guess*) and skipped that bit. Whatever it was that the computer did behind the veil of its glitch-out, take my word that it was highly mathematical and scientific. And would totally have led to a great and presentable result, if only that meteorite wasn’t so goddamn mysterious. >_> Good thing it is, though, since otherwise the chapter might have ended here. Instead, it’ll continue on Thursday.

* I mean, if the scriptwriter had been just slightly better at math in school, he’d have had so many more professional opportunities…every single one of which would have been preferable to working as a B-movie scriptwriter for Nolan Nobucks Productions…

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