Scraping, Testing, Boring – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 17

I feel you, Mopey! I’m almost missing the old, non-boring Biff, as well – because if he still was as non-boring as he used to be, I’d certainly have gotten enough material for a comment of decent length out of his strip.

But, alas!, he is boring now. He gets his turn contributing to the testing of the meteorite – and of course he’s eminently qualified for that, by now. So he selects a reasonable, applicable test and applies it thoroughly and correctly. Scientifically even, and in a much stricter sense of that word than it used to have when Professor Dr. was still around. So what am I supposed to comment on that? “Great, Biff, well done.” >_>

More on Monday.

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  1. That’s a problem with shaking a status quo: you shake the status quo. Some things are gone, and you may miss them. If we ignore the last adventure in magic land, we had a classic 5 man band archetype:
    Professorian was the smart guy;
    Mopey was the mopey guy;
    Biff was the big dumb guy;
    Snuka was the sneaky guy;
    Gregory was a token undead guy.
    But now the things have changed, Professorian is gone, and to fill the vacuum Biff became the smart guy. Which means he can’t be the dumb guy. This role is now a vacuum by itself. But there is solution! Gregory can become the new big dumb guy. Zombies aren’t known for their big brains. You can even have a scientific explanation why Gregory becomes the strongest person in the group (a voodoo did it).

    1. XD A very acute observation, indeed! And, yeah, I could have shifted the characters around a bit more to restore the ‘classic’ team composition. But there are actually reasons why I needed to apply a completely different set of paradigms with regards to team composition for this chapter – but it would be hard to talk about without spoiling too much of future plot developments. ^_^;

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