He Had no Chance, Really – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 16

Seems Mopey is a believer in letting every member of the team contribute something, even those whose potential contributions to a scientific inquiry are somewhat less than obvious or orthodox. She probably considers that as a desired instant of job enrichment…or perhaps just an instant of, no less desired, having everybody earn their keep. Hard to tell. I should say. Because it would be impolite not to. >_>

Whatever Mopey’s reasons for asking Snuka for a contribution might have been, he was happy enough to oblige. On the principle of the matter, but also because he sensed a chance to correct a historic injustice…by suggesting a videogame match as his “test” for the meteor, he thought he might finally have a sliver of a chance to end what has been a bit of an unlucky streak for him at Super Mario Cart. Up to now, he’s lost 3.285 games in a row, out of 3.285 attempts. >_> By matching his skill against an inanimate piece of rock, he was very hopeful his 3.286th match might end in a draw…or, even… perhaps… should he dare to even think it…
Well, didn’t really work out, the meteor beat him handily. >_>

While you might consider that an unexpected, and thus potentially scientifically relevant, result, I’m afraid that Mopey is probably right: this outcome doesn’t really tell us anything about the meteor…rather, it says something about Snuka. Something unflattering, probably, or possibly even quite insulting. So, no scientifically relevant answer…just a scientifically significant question. And, yeah, on some level Mopey would really like to do some research on how Snuka manages to suck that incredibly badly at the game – she just hasn’t been able to find any sponsor for the research. She has approach videogame publishers, but they all demurred – apparently, they worry they might catch something contagious from contact with Snuka. >_>

More on Thursday.

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  1. Don’t worry that much, Snuka. Mario Cart can hardly be considered an intellectual game. You are just very unlucky with random item drops, and use tilt control.

    1. Very unlucky“, indeed – 3.286 to 0 is one hell of an unlucky quota, if you put it down to bad luck. XD Thanks for trying to cheer him up, though, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. He wouldn’t believe it, likely, but still appreciate it. XD

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