Fingerfood – Chapter 2, Strip 319

Poor Klytoris, his whole plan seems like it’s slowly going to pieces – he’s just started, and already his most valuable weapon has been disarmed. I mean, he *wanted* the zombie to lend him a hand, but not quite that literally. Now his plan to bite the hand that feeds him relies on the hand that feeds him biting the hand he feeds him.

Poor Snuka, as well…ever since he’s been raised from the dead, he doesn’t seem able to keep himself together. He’s kinda going back to the afterlife in installments…by now you can hardly say whether he’s missing an arm, an eye and one half of his face – or if he’s just having a leg too many.

Thank you, Thank you…I’ll be here all week.

But the whole thing goes to show that you’ve got to follow the cooking instructions carefully.* I mean, really – German Eintopf might occasionally contain a few random ingredients…perhaps even a zombie limb or two, at times…but he should really have removed the sleeve, at least.

The food preparation area on board a ship (or plane) is correctly referred to as a galley. The same word also refers to an ancient type of ship, propelled entirely by oarsmen – these usually had to make do without any food preparation facilities, since nobody could agree on what you’d have to call them. >_>

More on Thursday.


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