Foggy Conditions – Chapter 7, Epilogue 14

And with only a short delay, Si’ri is off on her grand adventure, as well! Which is supposed to be the same grand adventure that K’ip is supposed to be going on…but that’ll depend on whether she’ll be able to catch up with him, since he’s considering that short delay his head-start. Should she not manage to catch up, she’ll have to have a separate grand adventure…which we’ll unfortunately not be able to follow, since we have to stick with K’ip. So let’s wait and see how this will go.

In the meantime, the Elder is displaying some frankly concerning signs that his mind is no longer quite as razor-sharp as it used to be. ._. Since one of the job requirements for the Elder position is being elderly, that’s unfortunately not an entirely uncommon problem. As for assessing the seriousness…well, he thinks he’s still got the mind of a kitten, but that’s apparently no longer the case. Now, the mind of a kitten works about this well:

And that’s the level he has declined from? O_O

I think that’s casting a pretty opaque shadow of doubt on K’ip really having received all of the information he’ll need for his task. Perhaps he shouldn’t have rejected Si’ri’s company that readily…she might be annoying, but I think K’ip could end up needing any extra scrap of information he can get his paws on.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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