Must Have Met the Mask-Seller – Chapter 7, PRO-effing-logue 15

Goddammit, people! Here I’ve been going on for seven weeks, starting off a new chapter with an epilogue, and nobody tells me it’s supposed to be called a prologue, of course? I’d definitely expected better from the internet… or worse, depending on which way you look at it… when it comes to pointing out mistakes to people. Especially such stupid ones. XD Seriously, though, sorry…I’ve got no real excuse for that little mental misfire. I mean, I properly ended the old chapter with epilogues, so I really don’t know what gave me the idea I could just continue like that. XD Ah well, I’ve been under a lot of stress…

Anway, in this little PROLOGUE we see Si’ri trying to catch up to her assigned, but unwilling person-to-be-accompanied. She does have the advantage of speed at the moment, since K’ip used up his reserves of super-speed earlier, when he raced back to the village. Plus he’s bound to feel pretty filled up at the moment, plus he hasn’t had a nap in at least an hour. And the only thing that could get a feline to overcome that state of exhaustion by sheer willpower isn’t present: a sleeping person to wake up in the middle of the night by racing around like crazy without discernible reason.

So Si’ri has a good base chance of finding him, unless K’ip finds something to make up for his momentary lack of dynamism. You know, something like shrewdness, deviousness, who can say? I wonder if he’s got something like that in his repertoire.

The young Eni’lef girl with the stylish bi-color hairdo… and bi-color skin-do to match… doesn’t seem to have seen him, though, so he’s apparently trying to move inconspicuously in some form. >_>

And, yeah, I know…the font I’ve used for Si’ri is the font-which-must-not-be-named, which you aren’t supposed to use for anything, ever. But that’s exactly the point – I thought it was a good visual representation of the fact that Si’ri’s voice is supposed to be extremely annoying. XD

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

4 Replies to “Must Have Met the Mask-Seller – Chapter 7, PRO-effing-logue 15”

  1. Honestly I thought the name being epilogue was intentional; I came back to the comic after a while off riiight after the website switchover (so no archive catchup) and thought this was the epilogue to chapter 7.

    Probably should have guessed from the first one being described as start of a new chapter, though :v

    1. Yeah, the fact that we haven’t migrated the archives yet covered up the mistake to a degree. Still, there’s at least one person I know who should definitely have known better but just overlooked the whole thing, just like me XD …and I only noticed today because I passed by a TV set and ‘epilogue’ happened to come up as the answer to a question on a quiz show at that very moment. XD

    1. Yeah, not having been the only one not to notice is my only consolation. Otherwise the mistake is kinda equal parts funny and depressing. XD And it really goes way back – I checked my notes, and one of the early drafts already said ‘The chapter begins with an epilogue…’ Good to see you here, by the way. =D

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