Gnominal Advisor – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 31

Well, what could I have done? I could hardly have called the character “Dungeon Master” if the name of the game is “Stockades and Skeletons”…on the other hand, “Stockade Superior” yields “SS” as abbreviation, and that doesn’t really work either. “Come on, guys, we have to do what the SS expects from us!” >_> Just doesn’t sound right. So, yeah, the official version is that the character is called the “Stockade Superior”, but that title abbreviates to “DM” due to some linguistic kink in an invented fantasy language I didn’t bother to actually invent. =) Everyone is happy, aside from Snuka, and he still doesn’t count, even as a Paladin.

Anyway, I’m just happy that guy finally introduced himself properly, so I don’t have to keep calling him the “Gnomish Wizard” all the time. The rest of his introduction is pretty much as expected – he’s supposed to be the team’s benevolent guide into and in this strange, new world, and he acts the part. Just look at his benevolent expression, and compare it to how angry he looked a short while ago, when nobody was watching. =P He also feeds the unicorn, that’s also highly benevolent. But doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a virgin – unicorns make exceptions for people who bring food. >_>

Design-wise, I’ve combined classic Gnomish wizard traits with some elements from a certain annoying gnome from a popular scifi franchise, as well as some common garden gnome features. I think it all fits together surprisingly well, especially considering the small scale… >_>

Oh, and it seems our team are the destined heroes, called from a faraway land to defeat some great evil. At this point, that’s so unsurprising it barely warrants mention, but it still needed to be spelled out, I guess.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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