Sitch in a Nutshell – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 30

Consider this short exchange…well, perhaps not exactly short, but shortish exchange…as standing representative for several hours of largely circular discussions inside the group. There are, obviously, very good arguments to be made in favor of staying put – and Mopey provides a nice summary of some of the most important ones right here. Thank you, Mopey. As she states, additional ones could surely be found, but…well, a speech balloon that’s the size of a whole panel is still kinda acceptable, considering the circumstances, but one that’s the size of several panels would just be excessive.

Snuka provides the other side of the argument (Thank you, Snuka)…He doesn’t have that many arguments, but the one he has is pretty convincing in its own way.

Imagine this to have gone on for some hours, with the rest of the team vacillating between the two sides, and nobody really bringing up anything much more in the way of new or original suggestions.

Gregory, of course, is torn on whether he should bring up his magic hat, given how erratic the results are. Still, he could perhaps blow the discussion wide open again if he could manage to conjure up…some throw pillows. >_>

So, what are our heroes going to do?

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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