Hatters Gonna Hat – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 29

And another member of the group takes a little break from the exhausting and unsatisfying discussion of their meagre options, and in this case it’s Gregory.

I think most of the magic “weapons” that the team got from the Gnomish wizard are straight-forward enough to interpret, but Gregory’s…er, the Magician’s hat is perhaps harder to place right away, so I gave him a private moment to let him have a closer look and conduct an experiment or two. Since he’s kinda smart now ( evidenced/caused by the fact that he wears glasses ), he makes quick progress, and even his very first experiment already yields an almost perfect result.

The deviation is really minor…as far as spelling is concerned. Functionally, the conjured item differs somewhat more pronouncedly from the one requested. But the possibly most important shortcoming is that he probably can’t run back to the others and brag about the cool magic trick he’s performed. I mean, it’s still cool even with the misspelling, but I’m afraid Gregory is right to suspect that that fact would be totally overlooked in favor of a specific other aspect, and he really can do without the ridicule on a day like this…

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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