Go West, Now Without an Alternative – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 95

As the short rule of evil passes into memory, efforts move on toward prevention of a recurrence.

The solution found might seem a bit radical, but its effectiveness is obvious: Since this sort of evil shadow raises in the East by a long-established literary tradition, just abolishing that particular direction should effectively prevent it from ever rising again. Admittedly, having two Wests on the compass rose could prove something of a detriment to navigation – but since nobody seems to be entirely sure how navigation is actually supposed to work within in the confines of a fantasy setting, it’ll probably just continue to work somehow, as it has always done. It’s a fantasy world, after all, so they can always fall back on magic…or Elves just having innate knowledge of where they are going thanks to being in tune with their surroundings (same with Dwarves underground)…or experienced Rangers being able to determine a direction from looking at which side of a tree is the weather side.

…wait, I think that last one should work even without magic. >_> Never been good at finding my way without GPS, myself…

And with this strip ends our extended look at the Fall of Evil and its beneficial and happy consequences. Back to what our actual heroes (remember them?) are doing on Thursday.

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  1. It isn’t confusing at all! You have Clockwise West and Counterclockwise West. Or CW and CW for short.


    1. On the contrary, that’ll make it even more confusing! At least for a couple of centuries, until somebody actually invents a clock in this fantasy setting. XD

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