The Restoration of 1660 Didn’t Look Any Better, Either – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 94

That burning map war a really effective visual metaphor to illustrate the seemingly unstoppable advance of the Forces of Evil, back then… too bad I didn’t think about I’d have to reverse that metaphor once said seemingly unstoppable advance has been, inevitably, stopped after all. >_>

The process is slightly clumsier than it was when it ran the other way around, but the important thing is that it arrives at the right outcome: everything being back to the idyllic and peaceful way it was before. And since I can’t really claim that the restored map is entirely identical to the original, I’ll instead claim that it looks even better. Which is the easier claim to make, actually, since taste is so subjective. From a certain viewpoint, my new map might have a certain naive charm that the more professional looking, original map lacked…hey, some people like naïve art. One of them could, hypothetically, prefer the new version of the map, and that’s enough to raise the claim. >_>

Anyway, the fair lands are fairer than ever, or at least as fair as before, and now there’s a map again that could be considered a fair representation. Added bonus: Should evil ever invade again in the far future, this new map won’t be that much of a loss when it burns up. >_>

More on Monday.

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