Goggling at the World – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 13

As an anime fan, Gregory is, of course, disappointed that the goggles don’t give him Tai’s outlook on life – which would be really interesting to experience. But at least the goggles restrict his vision in the proper way, and if he consumes lots and lots of sugar on top of that, he might at least achieve some resemblance of feeling like Tai Kamiya.

But Gregory is also nerd enough to get distracted from that route of action by the advanced technical features of his new eye wear. For these are some really smart goggles, possessing advanced features only really imaginable in a far-fetched fantasy scenario such as this…like, for example, a really intuitive user interface! It’s hard to imagine, but in a world of dragons and magic, it’s not as completely impossible as in the real world. And since it is that hard to imagine, I had to leave the details pretty vague…there are controls on the side of the goggles, but don’t ask whether those are wheels, or slides, or buttons or whatever. ._.

The other features, like perfect vision correction, light enhancement and monster tracking are positively mundane compared to the fact that the interface actually enables Gregory to access these features without problems. >_>

Experimenting with those controls, Gregory quickly gets some interesting results…very interesting even, as far as the fact is concerned that the goggles reveal clear traces of recent demonic activity around the Elder’s hut. Here Gregory goes a bit amiss in his speculation, of course…let me assure you, these tracks were caused neither by K’ip nor by Si’ri. In spite of their behavior, cats are not classified as demons…at their own request, since they feel superior to demons. And fairies are not classified as demons, either…at mutual request, since both demons as well as fairies felt that being classed with each other could damage their respective brands.

And, yeah, Gregory must have taken a pretty close look at Si’ri to become aware of the shapeliness of her body…but then, he is severely myopic, so he does have some excuse for looking at things very closely… >_>

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  1. Silly Gregory, you’re not supposed to actually USE the goggles. They’re supposed to be a head accessory and nothing more. Moreover, you’re the tall, glasses-wearing one. That means you have to be the responsible, wet-blanket type character that cautions everyone else they’re about to do something stupid and reckless and then be completely ignored in order to do said stupid, reckless thing.

    While cats, fairies, and demons are all evil; it’s a nuanced evil.
    Cats take pride in under-performing. Their one intentional act a day is to kill something and eat it. They then send the rest of the day positioning themselves in places where they can easily be tripped over or where someone will really want them to move out of the way but can’t bring themself to wake up the cat (keyboards are great for that). If they can avoid that one intentional act and still get fed, even better!
    Fairies take pride in the pettiness of their evil. Things like moving your keys or making one and only one sock disappear in the dryer are their bread and butter. They’re all about being as annoying as possible by seemingly being cheeky and fun rather than being cruel and tragic (Navi straddled that line by forcing you to listen to her).
    Demons take pride in the evilness of their evil. They’ll kick a puppy just because doing so is considered by all (except for yappy puppies that bark incessantly) to be one of the most extreme acts of evil.

    As you can see, each group wouldn’t want their evil deeds mixed up with the others. To cats the others try too hard; to fairies the others are too evil; and to demons the others are not evil enough.

    1. XD In defense of the digimon franchise, every one of its goggleboys has worn his goggles on his eyes for protection in at least one instant. But, you’re right, Gregory isn’t and won’t become a goggle boy, it just doesn’t fit his part in the team. Which isn’t a classic meganekko part either, however…in that old D&D cartoon show, the wet-blanket type of guy was actually Eric, the Cavalier. The group didn’t really have a ‘smart one’, actually…they were all about as sharp as a bag of hammers, many of the episode plots wouldn’t have worked at all if any of the kids would have had an IQ above room temperature. XD

      And, yeah, I’d see it similarly. Cats are easily more evil than demons in nature…but they’re ultimately too selfish and lazy to actually commit most of the evil actions they’d be capable of. So they’re just lying in the sunny spot on the floor, only blissfully dreaming of dropping the TV set on the toddler for fun, instead of actually getting up and doing it.

      And fairies are just amateurs in the art of being evil, just like they’re amateurish in most other arts. They’re too flighty, they just lack the dedication and determination it takes to wreak great evil. That’s the price of having a comparatively tiny brain. And the frequent collisions with window panes don’t help their intellectual development at all…

      That leaves demons as the truly evil ones…they may be less evil in nature than cats or fairies, but at least they’re applying themselves. XD

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