Classic Whodbeenit – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 14

The mystery deepens! Who, of those present, could be a demon in disguise?

Perhaps Si’ri? K’ip sure suspects her of being the disguised demon, but it’s not clear on which evidence.

Or perhaps K’ip? Si’ri sure suspects him…but only of being an idiot in disguise, and the evidence for that seems to be quite incontrovertible. >_>

Or perhaps…uh…some fourth person in the room, who just happened to remain off-screen until now? Theobaldus the Touched could have been standing just outside the frame this whole sequence, for all we know.

Wait, let’s tackle this scientifically…make sure we don’t overlook any possibility. Who haven’t we considered, yet? Gregory? No, the goggles picked up on his late zombieish-ness, but didn’t react to him when demon-mode was activated. Hmm…who else is there….we’ve covered K’ip…Si’ri…Gregory…and even Theobaldus the Touched, who’s unlikely to even be there, if he exists at all…who else…

Could it…just hear me out!…could it have been…all this time…

…Ancient Astronauts? o_O;

Check back on Thurs…uh, Monday for the thrilling revelation.*

*That it’s the Elder, obviously.

2 Replies to “Classic Whodbeenit – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 14”

    1. Naw…the Elder and Dr. Andross are distantly related, but they try to avoid each other at family gatherings (it’s a big family), otherwise they’d just end up fighting again. XD

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