Incoming Projectile – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 15

Well, it’s not like Gregory was any kind of big fan of the Exorcist movies, but he has seen them. Therefore he knew what was coming next after the hovering-over-the-bed and neck-twisting-through-360-degrees bits: the projectile vomit bit. These three have become the holy trinity of demonic possession in movies, so there was no way that that last bit would fail to make an appearance after the other two had shown up.

So Gregory could prepare himself…and only himself, since he only had that one umbrella. (Which he didn’t conjure up, by the way…he’s always had that, even if it’s never been seen yet. Characters who wear glasses and have a part in their hair automatically carry an umbrella anywhere, it’s part of the stereotype.) You might think it’s a bit selfish of him to not even try to include K’ip in his protection…but altruism only goes so far when being spewed on is concerned. Taking a projectile for someone in one thing, but taking projectile vomit is just gross.

K’ip, in the meantime, hasn’t seen any of the Exorcist movies…thus he’s mostly just confused by everything that’s going on around him. He’s still not quite convinced that Si’ri isn’t a demon in disguise, although he would have to admit that she’s a bit shorter than even the shortest imp he’s ever met. And her honesty that she did at least consider moving up to the level of a threat (from the level of a mere nuisance) is kind of disarming.

So K’ip tentatively accepts that the demonic presence likely resides in the Elder…which still leaves him at a loss as to what to do. When he’s met demons in the past, he’s usually taken the direct approach: maiming or destroying them through the strategic application of arts-and-crafts skills. But he knows that maiming or destroying the Elder would probably impact quite negatively on his social standing in this small and tightly-knit community (which is still studiously keeping out of sight to avoid having to use extras with costly make-up-FX)…so what’s he supposed to do right now?

The answer, obviously, is: ducking. Unfortunately, it wasn’t obvious enough an answer for him. ._.

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  1. The next question is: Is the eventual elder-wetting-himself a part of the possession, or just old age kicking in?

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