Halloween Special 2009 – Chapter 2, Strip 396

And thus, young Snuka suddenly find himself in . . . . THE TWILIGHT ZONE! Muahahahahah. Or puberty. Whatever is scarier.

Much horror fiction serves as a parable for puberty, anyway…or was it a metaphor. Or an example? …I just have the hardest of times telling real and virtual concepts apart… ._. Whatever it is, it got Snuka, who for years has been desperately trying to stave off puberty. Why? Because the market value of fictional characters drops off dramatically after a certain age, and with his current market value languishing in the single-digit cent range…

Whatever, I’m sure he’ll manage to cope. I think the first thing you should do after turning into a Werewolf is a trip to London, for the sake of tradition. You know, have a big dish of beef chow mein at Lee Ho Fook’s and a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s. And all the mist and Victorian architecture just adds a bit of class to prowling those streets…

Mopey, on her part, went for “Bride of Frankenstein” instead – a very appropriate choice, given how she shares the Bride’s reaction to being hit on by big, beefy, stupid men: Screaming unearthily and completely destroying the whole laboratory. In Mopey’s defense, she later sent Biff flowers to the hospital. (A beautiful wreath of white lillies, to be specific, with a ribbon that read “Get the hint and die.” But I guess it’s the thought that co…uh, that doesn’t count.)


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