Halloween Special 2017 – Chapter 7, Epilogue 10

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Poor K’ip, though. His state of alarm is just getting worse and worse. From his perspective, the coincidence between the Elder’s announcement of a terrifying tale to tell and Halloween is highly unfortunate, since he thus ended up with terror upon terror. Literally.

Since there are basically only catpeople in the strip right now, I naturally had to adapt my annual Halloween special a bit. There’s just no guarantee that a zombie, vampire or creature from Dr. Frankenstein’s black lagoon would have had the desired effect on this specific clientele, so I had to look for a horror that was sure to shock and shake anybody with any meaningful amount of feline DNA. A giant vacuum cleaner was the obvious choice, since other reliable cat-terrors, like a food bowl that’s only half full, a door that’s not half open or a sunny spot that won’t stay in one spot are all a bit lacking in visual impact for a non-cat audience…while a vacuum cleaner with a size advantage IS kinda terrifying, even from a human perspective. For a catperson it’s beyond shocking, of course, even if they’re already pre-alarmed.

On a behind-the-scenes note, we’re still working on migrating the archives from the old site, and it’s turning out to be more complicated than we had hoped. But we will get the old strips back up – nothing of the content is actually lost, it’s all there, we just need to get it into the new CMS. If all else fails, we’ll have to repost the old strips manually one by one.

Have a safe and fun Halloween, and more terrors await on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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