Heightened State of Alarmedness – Chapter 7, Epilogue 09

As promised, K’ip’s little nap does not delay proceedings unduly. While Eni’lef nap frequently…well, nigh constantly, actually…they retain the ability to be startled by the slightest noise or movement in the vicinity. That trait evolves naturally by living in the Evergreen Forest…since those proto-Eni’lef that didn’t have it didn’t get to do that long enough to procreate*.

On a technical note, we’ll not see K’ip napping a lot from here on out…he’s about to set out on a grand adventure, as you’ve probably already guessed, and if I devoted a realistic share of future strips to his napping, it would draw out matters interminably. So, future strips with him will remain (mostly) focused on his phases of activity – it is to be understood, however, that he continues to nap frequently off-screen in between the strips. =P

The Elder does his part to speed up things, as well. Naturally, he’s normally tolerant of his race’s napping needs, but, as he’s about to explain, matters are urgent right now. And his timing is just about perfect – what better point in time to start telling a terrifying story than just before Halloween?

In view of that I would tend to agree that K’ip could just as well stay alarmed for the time being, as long as he’s at it. He should possibly come down from the ceiling and be alarmed on the floor instead, though, because of the strain on his joints.

And as you can see by his looking straight at the camera, the Elder’s words apply to the audience as much as to K’ip. More so, in fact, since K’ip has already read the script…well, or the script outline at least. Be awawmed, be vewy awawmed!

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

*Eni’lef procreation remaining something of a mystery to biologists, though. Particularly how they even manage to fit any of it in between all of the hunting and napping.

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    1. Don’t worry, nothing happened to it as such – but after we moved to the new website, concurrently with the start of the new chapter, it turned out that we couldn’t directly import the archives into the new CMS due to compatibility issues. So we’ll have to repost the material manually, which is going to take some time, unfortunately. ^_^; But nothing was lost or is permanently gone, it’s just no online again yet, but we’re working on it, and it’s just a matter of time. Sorry. ^_^;

  1. Will there at least be an URL redirect system to keep the old URLs from becoming completely dead links?

    1. We hope so, at least. ^_^; At the moment we’re still working on getting the archives back up…which is time-consuming, since we have to do it one-by-one, and there’s 1220 strips in total. After that we’ll deal with the links. Which should be possible…but we do seem to have a knack for running into unforeseen technical problems, so no guarantees. ^_^;

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