Harpoons Do Like Stuck In Him Like So Many Corkscrews – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 35

As you can see, Twin A is very clearly over the depressive episode he was caught up in when we saw him the last time. Not that I could actually tell which one of the depicted actually is Twin A, but neither of them appears depressed.

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that improvement in Twin A’s emotional state is owed to his brother playing the romantic card, or to the fact that they’ve obviously acquired an exciting new toy. Who wouldn’t be cheered up by the chance to toy around with a real submarine? Well, probably a lot of people, but that number doesn’t include me, Nolan Nobucks, George Geekish…and these twins. =P

This isn’t actually the first time the B-movie Comic features a submarine operating in a city’s sewage system – the first one appeared here. But this new one is definitely a lot more technically advanced and stylish…which, I guess, makes it actually less suited to operating in the confines of a sewage system, but, you know, looks beat practicality every time in B-movie World.

And that extends to the method of releasing the butterfly from the submarine. I mean, they could have simply opened the hatch on top of the conning tower and released it from there…but with the alternative being to fire it from one of the torpedo tubes on the tip of a Harpoon missile, that simple approach just didn’t rate in terms of coolness. And, yeah, in order for the missile to reach the ocean before emerging, I guess they must have fired it across the sewage system and through its sea outlet. I hope there was no water treatment plant or anything in the way. ._.

As for the victim they’ve chosen, I’d say his preoccupation with the Bitcoin price tells you everything you need to know about him, for the time being. And, yeah, the chart he’s looking at isn’t current and doesn’t reflect the situation as it is today – but why bother? If you put something like that in a comic, it’ll always end up being outdated in the long run. And the guy’s frustration at the current price will go from justified to unjustified and back to justified again, depending on when somebody’s reading this particular strip. Unless you’re referencing some historical bust, you just can’t avoid that sort of fluctuating divergence from reality when you’re working market data into a plot. XD

More on Monday.

3 Replies to “Harpoons Do Like Stuck In Him Like So Many Corkscrews – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 35”

    1. He does! That wasn’t really intentional on my part, though – I probably only slipped into an established pattern out of lack of time and effort. XD

      1. Let’s say they are played by the same actor and leave it as that. After all, this IS a B-Movie.

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