More Like A Hudsonbaywall, Eh? – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 34

So bitch-boy Biff makes it to the bitch, and is relieved to learn that he isn’t terribly tardy, since the other bitches aren’t there yet – save for his fellow bitch-boy, Gregory. And, yes, I’m not even trying to distinguish between beaches and bitches anymore. Deal with it, beaches.

Biff’s observation is entirely correct, of course: the towering seawall made it much, much easier to create the background…a real beach promenade with piers, shops and entertainment would have been so. much. work. >_>
And, hey, they do have seawalls of that kind at a couple of beaches in Japan. I’m not sure whether they are for dealing with tsunamis specifically, or just general storms/erosion, but they do exist. And if they exist in Japan, they might exist in Manitoba, which is apparently part of Japan, isn’t it. Sure looks like it. >_> <_<

Gregory, in the meantime, seems to have resigned himself to the vagueness surrounding his geographic position – he’s generally not unduly bothered by… things. But he points out a corollary problem: if you don’t know where you are, you also don’t know when you are, as least as far as the official world time system is concerned. Canada and Japan are a couple of time zones apart, so it does matter a bit in which country Manitoba is currently located. Of course you’re always free to ignore the world time system and just go with the natural clues provided by the daylight/night cycle, but that doesn’t make for entirely precise scheduling of meetings, either.

I mean, the contemporary go-to-solution would probably be just relying on your mobile, which should always know relatively precisely where it is and how late it is at that location. But it always takes a couple of decades for such technological innovations to penetrate into the dimly-lit lairs of scriptwriters…1-2 years for the information to get there, and the rest of the time for the processing. Eventually, the new technology will show up in scripts, and a while later there might actually be a point where scriptwriters are sufficiently comfortable with it to employ it gainfully in a plot. Patience.

More on Thursday.

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