Vaguely Located Library – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 33

Just to clarify: what made Biff remember the appointment on the beach was the phonetic similarity between “beach” and “bitch”. Because this is the ‘new’ Biff, as you might recall. For the ‘old’ Biff, an alternative chain of mental associations might have been bitch -> Mopey -> meeting the others. But not for this Biff. Who is pure as freshly fallen snow, since the purifying spirit of science* has suffused every cell in his body.

Unfortunately, Biff’s mind is not only free of any association of his faculty chair/team leader/classmate with the word ‘bitch’, but similarly free of any clear sense of which country he’s in right now…even if it’s his birth country. He thinks it is, at least. He also seems to faintly remember a time when all of that was more clear to him, but he isn’t entirely sure. His faint memories of playing a sport called ‘hockey’ are also quite confusing to him…especially since he has the feeling he’s remembering something there that didn’t happen on more than one layer.

Ah, well…perhaps a nice afternoon on the beach will help him sort out his memories? Yeah, I don’t believe that either. But it’ll serve some purpose in the plot, I’m confident to say.

More on Monday.

* No, there is no such thing as “research misconduct”, that’s only a myth. As my research clearly proves! And, no, I won’t reveal my data source**, but you can trust me on that. >_>

** Alright, alright, if you absolutely have to know: my research is based on a set of three non-standardized questions asked of nine random strangers on the street and a speculative translation of a Linear-A inscription from Knossos. And thus, clearly unshakably solid.

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  1. Just blame the localization team for any confusion as far as location/localities are concerned. Because just because your story relies on easy access/abundance of Shinto shrines, doesn’t mean you can’t localize the setting to New York or San Francisco.

    1. Or you can always go the Big Hero route and just come up with an alternative-reality place like San Fransokyo – then you have complete license in every direction. (Although there are actually very, very few scriptwriters who can be given complete license without creating more problems than it solves. >_> )

        1. Well, admittedly that’s a different Apollo – but as a Japanese video game protagonist, he has to watch his looks and weight as well, so my point (as little of it as there was) still stands. XD

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