Head-twisting – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 23

What an unexpected twist! You could say it’s worthy of a M. Night Shyamalan!*

No, not the fact that Busty was the spy…that’s an entirely expected twist, why else would Captain Hawker have acted that suspiciously all the time? No, the unexpected twist is that Biff, of all people, broke the case. Even disregarding Snuka and Gregory (which isn’t nice), the Professor and Mopey alone have, between themselves, about one quadrillion times the mental acuity of Biff, even on a Monday. So, as far as the prior probabilities are concerned, I’d guess Biff was somewhat less likely to figure it out first than the restless, fading spirit of Inspector Lestrade. But stopped clock, twice a day, the drill. ._.

But I feel for Biff, this is really hard on him. All of his friends on the football team brag about getting head from their girlfriends…and now Biff’s got only the head of his girlfriend. Which even he realizes is not the same, and definitely less suitable for bragging. And he wasn’t around when they read the definition of “lying”, so he doesn’t even know that he could simply brag about things that haven’t happened. But perhaps Snuka will tell him later.

* (cough)notthatthat’sacompliment(cough)

More on Thursday.

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