Boombies – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 24

And thus, the stunning secret of Busty’s unnatural chest size is revealed – and, contrary to expectations, the artificial substance involved turns out to have been explosives, rather than silicone. You might wonder how Biff never noticed that little, but somewhat conspicuous detail in the course of their relationship, but you know…Biff…noticing things…not really his strong suit. And his football buddies always go on about ‘firm’ breasts, so Biff was happy his girlfriend had particularly firm ones.

Good thing that Biff happened to ‘drop in’ on her just at the right moment…seconds later, and Busty would have had managed to take down that central node of all defensive infrastructure any futuristic base is required to have by decree of the movie script board. The fuzes were already lit! But…the collision has apparently put them out…and also not otherwise triggered the explosion…I guess not only the timing was ridiculously lucky.

Biff, disoriented from the space battle…and yes, it counts as space battle, since it took place in space. Technically, all battles count as space battles, since having a battle outside of space is pretty much impossible. Just like all travel technically counts as time travel, since it’s not instanteneous. Where was I? Ah yes, Biff is disoriented…even more than usually…so when he sees his girlfriend, and notes that there’s something off about her looks, he falls back on the default reaction: new haircut. That should normally work about 80 % of times…and probably even more in Busty’s case, since he changes her hairdo constantly. Yes, it was totally she doing that all the time, off-screen. It was totally not me being inconsistent with drawing her, due to being too lazy to make a proper character sheet.

More on Monday.

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