Heartatatatatata! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 57

Now that’s just unfair! First time somebody uses the opening provided by one of these longish spells of distraction/sensory overload – and then it’s one of the good guys! Haven’t villains been on the waiting list for that sort of thing for much, much longer?

Well, unfair or not, it is one of the good guys who strikes first – more specifically, it’s Gregory. Who was one of the bad guys at the start of his career, and kind of a zombie, so perhaps his personal background supplies somewhat better grounds on bending rules than is the case for the others…although, typically it’s Snuka who’s got the grey area covered around here.

Despite being a magical girl/guy/warrior of love at the moment, it seems he’s managed to hang on to his favorite “Gatling”-gun, merely adapting the type of ammunition to his new role – which might have well improved the weapon, since ammunition supply tends to be this kind of weapon’s Achilles heel. With a non-physical type of ammunition, like metaphorical hearts, that might not be nearly as much of an issue…and while the impact of those projectiles is quite obviously lower than it would be with more traditional bullets, muzzle velocity and rate of fire still guarantee a sufficient effect, all told.

One thing Gregory hasn’t yet adapted to his new-found role seems to be language/attitude…as a love-warrior, he should really have phrased that differently. >_> Well, I guess it’ll get better as time passes, you probably just can’t wrap your head around such a fundamental change that quickly.

More on Monday.

2 Replies to “Heartatatatatata! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 57”

    1. Well, it’s love – but nobody has said it’s sweet love. And even if it is sweet, Gregory’s obvious lack of loving conviction might very well mean it’s only artificially sweetened. XD

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