Surprise Love From Behind – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 58

Gregory might have beaten Snuka to the punch on morally ambiguous behavior on Thursday, but today Snuka restores his problematic reputation by staging his attack in a particularly sneaky manner.

At least particularly sneaky according to general standards. By ninja standards, I guess it would count merely as an average amount of sneakiness: a good old smoke bomb, followed by the time-honored log exchange trick. Popular classics of the ninja trade, at least as far as its depiction in popular fiction is concerned. It still counts as extra effort on Snuka’s part, though – especially since his target was so punch-drunk and groggy from the get-go that these distraction and deception moves were probably superfluous. With his tactics, Snuka managed to sneak around to the (ample) rear of his opponent…but it doesn’t really look like that guy would have been able to notice anyway, even if Snuka had paraded there accompanied by a marching band.

Anyway, once in position Snuka launches a devastating attack…of love. Unlike Gregory, he relies on a gesture instead of on hardware, but the result is much the same in effect, even without the higher rate of fire and muzzle velocity of Gregory’s approach. The villain’s extensively pre-damaged status might figure into that considerably, of course.

More on Thursday.

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