Smart Love – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 59

Well, by now the structure should have become obvious – especially since it’s a pretty generic one for this genre: the magical girls who are still limited to their first form attack the opponent in turn to weaken him for the coupe de grâce to be delivered by their leader, who has achieved second form. And really, how could it be different? You have to institute and then respect those various hierarchies and structures, since your target audience is too young to deal with complex, adaptive systems*.

Naturally, it’s Biff’s turn now (the other options having been exhausted), and he delivers his devastating attack of love in a suitably character-centric style, i.e. in a rational and scientific way in tune with his blue outfit. As I announced a while back, I’ve replaced the clipboard from his first appearance with a tablet…*cough*in order not to date myself too badly*cough*…uh, I mean, in order to, uh, well, it was an inexplicable mistake in the first place and I don’t really know what a clipboard actually was, back then. Way back then. Ha ha. ^_^;

With that technological upgrade comes the capability to create and display graphs…and since there is a well-known function that graphs to a heart-shape, I thought that would be a good way for him to weaponize his tablet. It works this way:
1. create graph on tablet
2. ???
3. use tablet to fire heart-shaped energy projectiles at enemy
In a classic B-movie setting, the vagueness of step 2 would require quite an amount of techno or pseudoscientific babble to gloss over, while in a fantasy setting a generic reference to magic would suffice…but the magical girls genre is more permissive than that, even, actually requiring no explanation at all for something like that. I really enjoy that aspect of it from the writer’s perspective, as much as it sometimes bothered me from the consumer perspective. XD

More on Monday.

* At least that seems to be the conventional wisdom. On my personal part, I sometimes wonder if kids’ tendency to create anarchy around them doesn’t hail from a pronounced preference, rather than from lack of formed organizational skill.

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